Cookie Nookie

Our Cookies

You’re going to love these homemade bombshells. These works of passion are sweet lovin’ from the oven that will make you beg for more. Every bite is like a burlesque show for your tastebuds. So just sit back and enjoy… no need to be shy, we don’t bite. But we sure hope you do.


One bite of the gooey chocolate chips and salty pretzels in the tantalizingly twisted “Chocolate Trick” and you’ll show everyone your dough face.

$15 / dz
$2 / 4 minis


The deliciousness of melting chocolate and gooey peanut butter in the “Hook Up” are an undeniably perfect pairing and just the fling you’re looking for.

$15 / dz
$2 / 4 minis


With butterscotch and chocolate chips, intertwined with salty pretzels, The Big “O” is not your grandma’s oatmeal cookie.

$15 / dz
$2 / 4 minis


White chocolate chips, pretzels and strawberry flavor make “The Quickie” a cookie you’ll savor and the fix you’ll crave.

$15 / dz
$2 / 4 minis

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About Us

We’re curious cookie-lovers with a creative background, who have no shame, and appreciate good (even mediocre) double entendres as much as we love a seriously tasty indulgence. But we never take things too seriously. For instance, you’ve probably already noticed that pretty much everything related to Cookie Nookie is risqué and/or filled with innuendoes. Why? Because we’re childish and find them hilarious. Our cookies aren’t interesting, they’re titillating. See how much more fun that it is?
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Contact Us

We'd love to chat with you about whatever it is you have on your mind, feel free to email us or maybe you'd like to give us a call at 469-458-0010. Unless that’s you again mom. Seriously, this whole thing is not a “perverse abomination”. It’s just good fun. We can talk more tomorrow.

Have any questions? Please check the FAQ below:

What is your pricing?

$15 / dozen
$2 / 4 mini cookies

Do you have a store-front?

We pride ourselves on homemade cookies, made just our home. Who doesn't like homemade cookies?

Can I order for a party or event?

Sure can. Give us a call at 469-458-0010, text or email and we'll get back to you.

Do you deliver?

Call us at 469-458-0010 and we can set something up.

Where can we find your cookies?

Check your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for various places we may be.